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MCF52235EVB - Exception vector name : address error

Discussion created by Padmanaban Kesavaperumal on Oct 30, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2008 by Padmanaban Kesavaperumal
I have written code for UART to display in the hyperterminal, this code can be able to flash on the internal flash memory. it is working fine but i tried with debug for the same code it shows the above error, i had tried by erasing the existing code. the error shows in the startcf.c -- asm void _startup(),  * Pre-init SP, in case memory for stack is not valid it should be setup using
    MEMORY_INIT before __initialize_hardware is called
 lea __SP_AFTER_RESET,a7;
 /* it points this line as error */
 i am not familar with this memory segement could please suggest me.
To modify the startup code, what all the scenarios should be taken care
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