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LPC1768 to interface with ksz8863 and lwip

Question asked by Eli Arad on May 8, 2018
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When LPC1768 , as a reference design , it works with lwip tcp example fine.

a udp example can send and receive data from windows app.


We connected a 3 port switch , ksz8863  from microchip , to LPC1768 and the udp is not working.

The status is:

1. There is a link to the switch, it can be read via the same code that reads the phy registers ( mdio and mdc are func1)

2. we can access using bit bang , smi and mii to the chip ( change mdio and mdc to gpio - func0)

3. we tried to use mac mode in the switch rather then phy more , both not working.



Does any one connected to any micro controller a Ethernet switch and worked with lwip?

does it require any changes in the code?

Do we need to configure the switch to work in phy more or mac mode ( just to be sure)


The question can be directly for LPC1768 + ksz8863 + lwip + udp 

but also for any micro controller ->  port switch -> lwip + udp.


Any information is welcome,

Thank you.