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COM Port always sets itself back to COM Port 1 after update.

Question asked by chuluezhong on May 8, 2018
Latest reply on May 13, 2018 by dumitru-daniel.popa

I am quite new in using the NXP Model Based Design Toolbox so I have been following the tutorials on MPC574xP - Videos to get started, specifically the ADC_read project.

I have applied the slsfnagctlr hot fix found on the thread HotFix: MBD Toolbox rev2.0.0 for MPC5744P (Panther) so the code generation step works, however, I am experiencing a strange bug regarding the COM port selection for the DEVKIT. On the device manager, the DEVKIT is given COM6 but when I try to update this in the MBD_MPC574xP_Config_Information block, the COM Port value jumps back to COM1 whenever I press the Apply or OK button or just wait a few seconds. This behavior is difficult to capture in a screenshot, which should at least provide some context.