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program works fine in debug, not working once i do power on reset?

Question asked by pon alagappan on May 7, 2018
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I am flashing code in MC9s12p32 microcontroller using PE micro USB multilink with codewarrior ver 5.1.


In my code, i just sending CAN message periodically. it is working fine in debug mode, once i do power on reset it is not working, while at the same time, doing reset in debug window  using (halt/reset/start) options is working fine in multiple times.


I tried following things:

1. created an example project and used the startup and .prm file as it is.

2. Disabled all interrupts just to check whether any unimplemented ISR is causing issue.

3. Gave time delay after Osc initialization.


But none of above helped me in fixing this issue.


Could anyone suggest idea to fix this problem?