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Rated clock speed for single cycle flash access on LPC11E6x

Question asked by jamesl-dm on May 8, 2018
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I'm using an LPC11E67JBD48, and can't find a specification for the flash access speed in either the datasheet or the user manual. After POR, the FLASHCFG->FLASHTIM register reads back as 0xC002, which does not match the user manual's register description.


The manual says that the lower two bits correspond to:

0x0 1 system clock flash access time.
0x1 2 system clocks flash access time.      (default - according to the manual)
0x2 Reserved.                                             (what my chip is actually reporting)
0x3 Reserved.


I've tried lowering the FLASHTIM register from 2 to 0, and this definitely results in a speed boost at 16 MHz, so the default value is more than 1 clock cycle.


So my question is, what is the maximum clock speed that I can use at each setting of FLASHTIM? I want to run the flash as fast as possible on my 16 MHz clock, without the risk of flash corruption at temperature / voltage extremes. Usually this information is available in the datasheet.