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Can't connect to HCS08 device in Freemaster using PE Micro Multilink FX but non FX Multilinks work fine

Question asked by Jesse Robinson on May 7, 2018
Latest reply on May 10, 2018 by Jesse Robinson

I bought a PE Micro Multilink FX because its supposed to be a bit more robust and we've fried a couple standard ones in our test environment.  I can successfully program and debug parts using the Multilink FX in Codewarrior but can't seem to connect in Freemaster.  The standard Multilink works fine in Freemaster.  


It looks like during the connection wizard when HCS08 is selected for driver it can't find a device using the FX.  If I select any of the other drivers it can find the device just fine.  


I've uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers, both PE and Freemaster, it did not change anything.


Using Freemaster version and Windows 10