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S32V234 + UB964 + UB913 +OV10635

Question asked by Wayne Kuo on May 7, 2018
Latest reply on May 9, 2018 by Kushal Shah

H/W: S32V234-EVB2 + UB964 + UB913 (SerDes) + OV10635 (Camera)
S/W: S32V BSP 15.0 + S32 Design Studio 2.0


Hi Experts,


There is a customer requirement of porting S32V234 + UB964 + UB913 + OV10635 for surround view application.
After all, UB964 + UB913 SerDes does not included in supported list of S32 Design Studio.


Right now, I can use Linux i2c command to write the registers of UB964, be able to generate test pattern, and use scope to prob the MIPI CSI signal.
However, I edit the sample project "isp_sonyimx224_csi_dcu" to skip the camera initial, the sample always show "Failed to start the grabber." log, seems the UB964 test pattern can not get into the board.


My question is:
1. Can anyone share the porting process or experience of porting Cameras or SerDes which are not included in the supported list?
2. I saw there are some camera type "CSI_GENERIC" and "CSI_NONE", what do they do?
3. Can I use above camera type for dummy camera input to grab the CSI test pattern input signal and show on the display?
4. Any suggestion for this?

Best Regards,
Wayne Kuo