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CLRC663 and SAM AV2 into X mode how to

Question asked by Aart Scheepers on May 4, 2018
Latest reply on May 10, 2018 by Estephania Martinez

I am struggling to get this setup working. Can anyone help me to get the X-mode working?

My setup:

1: RC663 connected to MCU with SPI
2: SAM connected with IO2 connected to pin 24 (SDA) and IO3 connected to pin 23 (SCL), both with pullup of 1k

The sequence I am performing:
1: Reset RC663 (by cycling the PDOWN pin)
2: Read Version register to check if the RC663 connection is working
3: Read HOST-Control reg for actual value
4: Write value with bit 0x80 set (enable write to this register)
5: Write 0x2c to this register (Set host mode to SAM mode)

6: SAM enabled and sending/receiving data

7: Send RC-Init to SAM (80e58000) to SAM

I observe the SCL/SDA pins going from high level to low and nothing else happens there
I get a 6401 error from the command from SAM.

What am I missing?