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LPC802: Can overwrite the BootROM by using self special bootloader functionality?

Question asked by kj teo on May 5, 2018
Latest reply on May 7, 2018 by Bernhard Fink

Good day all,


I am fresh to LPC802 and i have been go through the datasheet for NXP LPC802.


I notice that there is a section for Boot ROM which locate at 0x0F00 0000 to 0x0F00 1FFF as show as below



Let say i got one special bootloader's function which going to use special protocol to run the function, capture the data over UART and flash to internal flash memory, but i notice that this will not match with the current ISP/IAP functionality.


My idea is to clear this Boot ROM section and overwrite with my unique bootloader, is this be possible?


Just worry this section is unable for user to clear on it.



Please advise.