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RC663 deactivate boundary scan

Question asked by Joan Salvat on May 7, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2018 by Joan Salvat

I’m trying to use RC663 GPIOs pins but I’m not succeeding. I’m doing the following:


I’m checking in EEPROM, address 21h, that boundary scan is disabled (bit 3 is set to 1), then I’m programming reg 44h to define which pins I need to behave as outputs (writing 1 to corresponding outputs). Finally I’m trying to change the GPIO (output) values by reading and writing in reg 45h; but I’m not succeeding

In my application I use:

  • SIGIN – OUT7
  • TCK – OUT3
  • TMS – OUT2
  • TDI – OUT1

By reading and writing in registers 0x44 and 0x45, I can manage OUT7. I’m applying the same read/write sequence to other pins without success. So my guess is that I'm not deactivating boundary scan properly.

Strange enough the RC663 manual inidcates that boundary scan is activated by default but by reading EEPROM address 21h it seems deactivated by default. I checkek this same behavoiur in a RC663 red board.


¿What I’m I doing wrong or missing?



Joan Salvat