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MPX2300DT Usage voltage and pressure inquiry

Question asked by Hyuck Ahn on May 6, 2018
Latest reply on May 9, 2018 by Tomas Vaverka

Nice to meet you.
I have some questions.


1. Supply voltage question
    - Supply voltage [min] [v]: Is it 1V?
       (Supply voltage range from 1V to 10V)
    - I am trying to drive the MPX2300DT with a voltage of 3V. Is it possible?


2. Pressure question
    - Is the MPX2300DT unusable with +/- pressure? (Not absolute?)
    - Is it possible to use +20kPa / -20kPa with 20kpa set to 0 in the range of 40kPa?

I wait for your reply.

Thank you.