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To build custom BSP layer using Yocto for a bare metal board.

Question asked by krishnab on May 4, 2018
Latest reply on May 4, 2018 by gusarambula

I am developing an Embedded application based on Yocto Krogoth release to run on Nitrogen6x board. I have followed the steps mentioned in this link. I have successfully created the Linux distribution and Yocto SDK to develop and run my application on the nitrogen board. The target machine I used to setup the environment for building was:


Now, we reached a phase that we are going to create a custom board (based on same i.Mx.6). The real processor chip is not decided yet, but it will be based on iMx6.


Suppose we assume that the final custom board also uses the same processor chip as that of the Nitrogen6x board that am using for my development so far. Do I need to add any other CUSTOM BSP layer to my existing Yocto Repos to support the new custom board I receive, or the existing Yocto layers and build environment I created for Nitrogen6x evaluation board will work fine for my custom board as well ?


Do i need to ask any specific information from the board vendor regarding the custom hardware changes he made in order to support any peripherals and GPIO lines so on.

What are the main things I have to consider if I receive a bare metal custom board from a hardware vendor who is not planning to give any minimal BSP package other than the schematics and pin mappings etc.

I read about creating a Custom BSP Layer in the Yocto documentation. But there are many other things in my mind that are not clear when I start thinking about a custom board (which is not like a Nitrogen6x, wandboard, Raspberry Pi so on that has got a wide support in the Yocto, BSP communities).


Thanks for any help you can provide.