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LPC4088 QSB USB Mass Storage not working.

Question asked by Priyank Bhatt on May 4, 2018
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I am working on a new LPC4088 QuickStart board and trying basic examples given with the library. USB examples like CDC, HID, composite etc. seems to work fine but MSC example is not working. I am using LPC4088 QSB rev.B.

When I saw in the debug out, the device automatically get detached after some time. I have attached the screenshot.

The default configuration is for USB A-type in the example, right?

I am not getting voltage on VBUS pin of USB after running program.

Is there a flag to be set for giving supply to USB's VBUS pin?

Jumpers JP1 & JP2 position is 1-2.(that works in CDC, HID, Composite etc examples). Moreover jumper have nothing to do with USB Type-A.

Any help will be appreciated.


Thank you.