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MCF54418 8bit NAND Flash Programmer ?

Question asked by Eukeni Urkiaga on May 3, 2018
Latest reply on May 17, 2018 by Daniel Chen


We use a board based on MCF54418,。The NAND flash we used was 16bit IC MT29F2G16AADWP (the same as in TWR-MCF5441x) . But now,we want to change NAND flash to 8bit MT29F2G08ABAEAWP because of MI CRON longetivity program. We have just changed the  "#define MT29F2G16_WIDTH      16" to "8" in the flash driver and  it seems that our firmware works fine when we are debugging it. 

With the 16bit nand flash we also developed our own nand-flash booter  different from uboot, and we have been able to program the flash with the NAND flash programming command prompt utility for programming the boot pages without problems ( )

We use the commands:

cf nand erase m54418twr_nand 0 80000

cf nand write m54418twr_nand 0 80000 1 myboot.bin



But now with the 8bit width nand flash, this tool does not work. I think that it only works for the 16 bit nand flashes.

I have been looking for a new tool for programming the boot pages for this 8bit nand flash but  I have not found anything.


Is there any flash programmer for programming the boot pages for this 8 bit nand flash?

Is the source code available for the CFFlasher? i think that with some few changes this utility could work also with 8 bit width nand flashes.


Thanks in advance,