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MMPF0100 able to support MCIMX6Q5EYM12AD?

Question asked by Maximilian Gastager on May 3, 2018
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my questions ae as follows:

I want to use the MMPF0100 (F6 OTP-variant for DDR4L) to supply the MCIMX6Q5EYM12AD.

The datasheet claims a maximum current consumption of 3730mA for 996MHz on VDDARM_IN.  There is no max current for 1.2GHz in the datasheet.

What is the max. current consumption for 1,2GHz?


The MMPF0100 datasheet claims "Current rating of SW1AB supports the power virus mode of operation of the i.MX 6X processor", but dosnt go into detail which device or frequency.


Is this also true for a CPU frequency 1.2GHz using the i.MX6 quad?


I know, the avarage curent consumption for a normal application is much lower, but i want to avoid any problems with my power supply.