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ZigBee Zed rejoining issue

Question asked by Alejandro Velez on May 2, 2018



I'm using BeeKit 3.0.2 and Beestack 4.0.1, with a generic app project .A ZigBee coordinator, several routers and end devices. One of the routers works as a gateway, every Zed sends a match descriptor request to the gateway and it shold send the response accordingly to the profile id and clusters.

The network works fine at the begining, every router and end device connects successfully to Zc and the Zr responds to the match descriptor request of all Zeds. But at certain time, that could be days, weeks or even after a month, the network doesn't let join or rejoin any Zed, but Zr could join without problem.

I have no clue why could be this issue because in application level everything works as expected.

Here are some sniffed packets snippets:

There is a good association response form Zc to a Zed


But after some (not regular) time, I get this:


There is Router capacity and End device capacity (RC:1, EDC1), and also the nwk is open.

This is the beacon frame from ZC:

And also could see the succesful association response:

But there's no Transport key like in the first snippet, and the Zed keeps sending Data Requests after, and after.


And if a Zr tries to join or rejoin, there is no issue:


What could be the cause for the issue?

It seems for me that the problem could lays in the APS layer, but I have no clue how to solve it.


Thanks for your time, BR.@