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Reset escalation error in MPC5748g LCEVB

Question asked by Rahul Ramakrishnan on May 2, 2018


I want to know how to manage the reset escalation error in MPC5748G-LCEVB. I am trying to enable the CAN interface in the mpc5748g using s32ds. I am able to successfully debug the code. But now while debugging the board, it goes into reset escalation mode. I tried with another peace of code, but it does not have any effect.

While checking the code, I found that the message buffer code does not set to 4 in the transmission. After this line the board goes into reset escalation state and the DS8 LED is on.

I had run the same code in the same board earlier. On that time I do not feel any problem. I want to know why it happens? What should I do to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance.



Rahul Ramakrishnan