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sja1105 driver package build into Kernel image

Question asked by Wayne Kuo on May 2, 2018
Latest reply on May 8, 2018 by Wayne Kuo

H / W: S32V234-EVB2
S/W: BSP 15.0 Yocto project


Hi Experts,


We are trying to use NFS to flash on-board eMMC, but facing a issue of mounting NFS on S32V234-EVB2.
We obtained the UART Boot Tool from NXP's local FAE and successfully booted U-Boot via UART.
We can also use the tftp command to download Image and *.dtb from the TFTP server on host Ubuntu.
However, when booting EVB2 with the nfsboot command, it hangs and fails to mount NFS over Ethernet.


I discuss with my colleagues, we think this issue cause by sja1105.
By default Yocto Project settings, sja1105 driver is located in filesystem by module format, so system can't not load the sja1105.ko before mounting NFS.


My question is:
1. Does NXP provide sja1105 Kernel driver or patch?
2. Is there any simple way to build sja1105 driver package into Kernel image by Yocto Project?
3. Is there any other way to flash on-board eMMC?


Best Regards,
Wayne Kuo