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How to communicate RS485 on FRDM KE04?

Question asked by vikranth Nk on Apr 27, 2018
Latest reply on May 2, 2018 by Kerry Zhou

I am using FRDM-KE04Z dev board with onboard MKE04Z8VFK4 MCU, I am trying to communicate serial UART0 using RS485 communication, While debugging mode it will work fine. Plz, help me on how to solve this.


I am using UART0 PTB1(TX), PTB0(RX);  SDK_2.3.1_FRDM-KE04Z

following is my code


int main(void)
uart_config_t config;
uint8_t u8Ch = 0;

/* Define the init structure for the output LED pin*/
gpio_pin_config_t led_config = {
kGPIO_DigitalOutput, 0,

/* Init output LED GPIO. */
GPIO_PinInit(kGPIO_PORTA, 2U, &led_config); // configured GPIO PTA2 pin for rs485 communication


config.baudRate_Bps = BOARD_DEBUG_UART_BAUDRATE;
config.enableTx = true;
config.enableRx = true;


/* echo chars received from terminal */
  int i =0;
  GPIO_PinWrite(kGPIO_PORTA, 2U, 0u); // writing LOW for enable receiver mode
  u8Ch = UART_GetChar(UART0);

  GPIO_PinWrite(kGPIO_PORTA, 2U, 1u); // writing High for transmit mode
  UART_PutChar(UART0, u8Ch);