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Thread Connectivity with FRDM-K64F + Freescale MCR20A

Question asked by Archit Muchhal on Apr 27, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2018 by Dhvanil Patel



I am trying to connect FRDM-K64F using MCR20A with Thread protocol. By following the steps in Modular_Gateway_OOB_Demo_Setup_Guide under Section, I have flashed the firmware 

FRDM-K64_End_device_firmware_GA_v1_5_0_kds.bin from IMX6ULMG_IDEX_V1.4.0\End_Node\End_Node_Projects\FRDM-K64F+MCR20\Binary.


I was able to flash it properly. But the board does not respond on the TeraTerm Console to get the EUI-64 Address (Section 6.1.3).  I kept the Console running for a considerable time, but still, there was no response. I have also tried changing the MCR20A Shield.


I have attached a screenshot for reference.

TeraTerm Console


Please let me know if I am making any errors.