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Questions about ADC_CLK of sample code ADC_MPC5744P

Question asked by eddie peng on Apr 26, 2018
Latest reply on May 2, 2018 by eddie peng

Hi everyone,


I'm tracing code of ADC_MPC5744P.


But i'm confusing about ADC_CLK.


At line 81,set ADL_CLK to  32MHz from divide PLL0_PHI by 5 (160 / 5 = 32) 


But in ADC1_Calibration, 

At line 30 , what is the comment mean bus clock? Is it at ADCD?


To my understanding ,bus clock maybe is the peripheral clocka(PBRIDFE0_CLK).


But  it set to 40MHz in this sample.


So i really don't know the comment  tell about bus clock(80MHz)...


If someone know about this, plz give me a hand ...


I'll appreciate for that.