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frdm kv31f UART Rx

Question asked by Onkar Patil on Apr 26, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2018 by Philip Drake

Philip Drake : Please help, I am a student & working on KV31F UART1 Rx.

I am using the base code from MCUExpresso SDK for frdmkv31f_demo_app_mc_pmsm


Keeping most of code same I changed following things :

1. Configured UART1 Rx to PTE1 - using Pin configuration.

2. UART1 config

3. reading data using                  ui8UARTRead = UART_ReadByte(UART1);

4. taking action if ui8UARTRead has certain value.


Please let me know where I am going wrong?


Hereby I am attaching main.c

Please help it will be highly appreciated.

frdm-kv31 uart_polling