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Pmod SSEL pin as GPIO

Question asked by Yun-Peng Chiu on Apr 25, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2018 by Carlos_Mendoza


Recently I am using LPC43S67 & A70CM Cloud Connectivity Kit (OM13086),

although I am using the main board OM13084.

I have a problem that SSEL pin on Pmod (J3) connector is not controllable.

I try to control it as a GPIO pin.

I connect a LED between the SSEL pin and the GND pin of J3 connector.

And no matter I set the GPIO state of that pin to true or false, the LED is not on.

Similar code works on another GPIO pin, P1.5.

Do I miss something?

The following is my code:


#if defined (__USE_LPCOPEN)
#if defined(NO_BOARD_LIB)
#include "chip.h"
#include "board.h"

#include <cr_section_macros.h>


int main(void) {
#if defined (__USE_LPCOPEN)
    // Read clock settings and update SystemCoreClock variable
#if !defined(NO_BOARD_LIB)
#if defined (__MULTICORE_MASTER) || defined (__MULTICORE_NONE)
    // Set up and initialize all required blocks and
    // functions related to the board hardware
    // Set the LED to the state of "On"
    Board_LED_Set(0, true);

    // TODO: insert code here
#if 1
    Chip_SCU_PinMuxSet(0x3, 8, (SCU_MODE_INACT | SCU_MODE_FUNC4));  /* P3.8 => GPIO5[11] */
    Chip_GPIO_SetPinDIROutput(LPC_GPIO_PORT, 5, 11);
    Chip_GPIO_SetPinState(LPC_GPIO_PORT, 5, 11, (bool) true);
//    Chip_GPIO_SetPinState(LPC_GPIO_PORT, 5, 11, (bool) false);
//    Chip_GPIO_SetPinOutHigh(LPC_GPIO_PORT, 5, 11);
//    Chip_GPIO_SetPinOutLow(LPC_GPIO_PORT, 5, 11);
    Chip_SCU_PinMuxSet(0x3, 6, (SCU_MODE_INACT | SCU_MODE_FUNC0));  /* P3.6 => GPIO0[6] */
    Chip_GPIO_SetPinDIROutput(LPC_GPIO_PORT, 0, 6);
    Chip_GPIO_SetPinState(LPC_GPIO_PORT, 0, 6, (bool) true);
    // Force the counter to be placed into memory
    volatile static int i = 0 ;
    // Enter an infinite loop, just incrementing a counter
    while(1) {
        i++ ;
    return 0 ;


Thanks for any help.