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Can Kinetis CPU sample 30 A/D channels via HW trigger and HW DMA with no software involvement?

Question asked by Mark Scovel on Apr 26, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2018 by Mark Scovel

I am a little embarrassed to ask this because I am certain it is in the reference manual for our CPU (K65) but I wonder if anyone in the community has done this.

Is it possible to:

1. Software configure the A/D peripheral (16 bit samples, averaging, sample time, etc)

2. Software configure the DMA peripheral (memory buffers, 30 A/D channel numbers, etc)

3. Software configure a timer (PIT, PDB or other) to trigger A/D conversions at a predetermined rate.

And then let these hardware peripherals perform the A/D trigger, read, store, mux cycle without software involvement?

Anyone have any experience at this?