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MPC5744 interrupt stuck at  "IVOR1_Vector() at 0xfa2010"

Question asked by Wei Gao on Apr 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2018 by LiDuankai Li

I'm using MPC5744, it works fine for a long time. But today something just go wrong, when PIT triggerd interrupt, the process stuck!   From debugging I find that pc stuck at address 0x00FA2010,   this is an adress so called "IVOR1_Vector". it is someting relative to interrupt process.    


The datasheet said in software vector mode, interrupt should go to "IVOR4_Vector", but not "IVOR1_Vector". 

I did some mod on the INTC code, sometimes it also stuck at 0x00FA2060, whitch is "IVOR6_Vector", such as when I change it to "Hardware vector mode."


Before today, everything just goes fine. I don't know why this happens.  

Who can tell why the interrupt goes to  0x00FA2010 or 0x00FA2060? 



Waiting for an answer.


Noticed:    No source available for "IVOR1_Vector() at 0xfa2010"