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Network ramdisk deployment from TFTP T2080RDB-PC

Question asked by Sandra Trujillo García on Apr 25, 2018
Latest reply on May 3, 2018 by Yiping Wang

Hello, I have several questions about the configuration of the network on the T2080RDB-PC board when I load the image from RamDisk. 

When I load from ramdisk (TFTP) the image that I have built with yocto project I can't see the ethernet interfaces.


When I turn on the board and let the SDK version (fsl-image-mfgtool) that was pre-installed start. With the ifconfig -a command I can see 6 network interfaces, these are all the interfaces that the T2080RDB-PC board has. The problem is when I want to load any of the images generated with yocto project (I have tried with the images fsl-image-minimal, fsl-image-mfgtool and fsl-image-full). In this case when I use the ifconfig -a command I can not see all these interfaces. How can I see all the ethernet interfaces when I use a loaded image on RamDisk with TFTP? How do I configure the interfaces to work with them?


Thank you very much for the help.