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LPC24XX Memory Accelerator Module (MAM)

Question asked by kishore kumar on Apr 24, 2018
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   I am using LPC2468 MCU for my product and have come a setting called MAM. According to datasheet , the MAMTIM value depends on the SysClk, which is 72 MHz in my product. So, according to the datasheet , SysClk > 60Mhz, needed value for MAMTIM Register is 4CCLK. We have partially enabled the module.


   My query is to know the effect of this value and what if i assign the value lower than the needed one, for e.g. 1,2 or 3.

Datasheet has a note saying "Warning: These bits set the duration of MAM Flash fetch operations as listed here. Improper setting of this value may result in incorrect operation of the device."

Can you please elaborate what this consequence can be?