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iMX27 Advanced Toolkit adding new NAND type

Question asked by ambw on Apr 24, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2018 by igorpadykov

I have a legacy iMX27 based processor board that requires support for a new type of NAND FLASH as the old one is obsolete.  I found this application note which details the procedure to add a custom NAND support to Advanced toolkit: 

Problem is I am unable to find any of the prerequisite source code on the NXP site, all links I had were from the old Freescale site and are no longer valid.  In particular I need the Tool and Source Code Packages as shown in section 1.1 of the PDF:

Download the latest ATK tool and source code packages from Freescale website. If they are not available
in the website, contact the Freescale representative to get access to the following packages.
a) ATK User's Guide Standard Version.pdf
a) ATK Reference Manual Standard Version.pdf
v_vv is the version number corresponding to the latest ATK release.
Install the packages using the setup (.exe) files. Note the folder path where the software


The old (invalid) link to these files was


Anyone know of an updated link to these files?

Also, wrt to the cygwin based development tools does anyone know of an alternate tool to use to build the binaries?

Thanks in advance.