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Firmware upgrade using Binary file for MPC5748G

Question asked by Navinar Savad on Apr 24, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2018 by Navinar Savad


  I want to implement a firmware upgrade mechanism for the MPC5748G devkit. The user application will receive the firmware via Ethernet and save it to a location in flash. The received firmware will be in binary (.bin) format. Then on a successive reboot, the bootloader will copy the saved bin file in flash and write the application to the start address at which the application should execute. 


Since I am using the binary file and not the srec file, do you foresee any issues with going ahead with the binary file? I will make sure that the bootloader will flash the binary file from secondary bank to primary bank in the correct address. Is there any problem with going forward with this method? The binary file does not have any address information, right? So if I write the binary data exactly as required, it should be all right? 


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