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How to redefine the internal SRAM regions in MCUXpresso IDE?

Question asked by Vladimir Ilyenko on Apr 24, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2018 by LPCX presso support

Hi, I’m building the project with LPC54608J512 on MCUXpresso IDE.

The internal RAM is divided into:

SRAM0, SRAM1, SRAM2 and SRAM3 : 160kB starting from 0x20000000

SRAMX (RAM2)  - 32kB starting from 0x04000000 and

USB_RAM (RAM3) - 8kB starting from 0x40100000

I want to use e.g. SRAMX (32kB) as the main RAM for data, stack and heap and SRAM_0_1_2_3 (160kb) only for frame buffer of GUI (130kB).

I can see in the Memory configuration editor of MCUXpresso IDE the possibility to add, split or delete RAM areas, but I cannot see how to redefine the regions for usage as a “main” RAM area - for SRAMX  or USB_RAM (if I do not want to use it for USB).



Is it possible in MCUXpresso IDE?