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MPC5744P efsdiv instruction compile error by Windriver

Question asked by fei teng on Apr 23, 2018

I am using MPC5744P for a project.

I have set target option: -tPPCE200Z4251N3VEF:simple for compiler&assembler&linker of Windriver.

That is because I want to use EFPU (Embedded floating-point unit) to speed up the calculation.


However, when I was compiling X.c which have floating-point divide calculation, there always have compile error.


The compile error is as follow:
"XXX\llopt unrecognize line: efsdiv ?a8, ?a7, ?a6" . It seems like assembler can't recognize efsdiv instruction, but, it's unreasonable.


Actually, "efsdiv" instruction has been written in "E200Z4 reference manual".

1. The core of MPC5744P is E200Z4251N3;
2."llopt" is an executive program file of Windriver which is using for optimizing assembly file.