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SWT initialization with software lock

Question asked by Antonio Grau on Apr 23, 2018


I have some strange behavior Software Watchdog Module.

I'm able to run the SWT module and it is working properly but only if SWT_CR[HLK] is set.


I do not want to use HLK because a flash operation needs more time and this bit is only cleared when RESET.

If I don't set the HLK bit, the module is not being enabled. 


Following code is working properly: When im not in debug mode, I can see how processor restarts.


/* Prepare Local 32 Bit control register


      | SWT_CR_FRZ
      | SWT_CR_HLK
   // | SWT_CR_SLK                     //Only SLK does not start the module
      | SWT_CR_WEN

/* Set timeout value */
numberClkTicks= 0x186A00; // 100Ms timeout
SWT.TO.R = numberClkTicks;



SWT.CR.R = SWT_CR; // update SWT control register



In the other hand, if I comment the line  SWT_CR_HLK and I uncomment the following SWT_CR_SLK.


What I'm missing here?


Thanks in advance for your help.