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MPC5748G static current problem

Question asked by Huang Qiang on Apr 23, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2018 by Martin Kovar

Hi,We are using MPC5748 in our  product. We need to cut the static current below 4mA. MPC5748G has three cores,2 e200Z4 cores and 1 e200Z2 core. Now we just use one e200Z4 core.When enter to STOP mode,the MPC5748G static current is about 13mA(just the MPC5748G under 3.3V supplier). 

 In the datasheet, we found the e200Z2 core can enter to LPU_STOP mode. But If I want to use e200Z2 core, we still have to use the e200Z4 core the start e200Z2 core. So If the Z2 core enter to LPU_STOP mode,what state the Z4 core should be to shut the current consumed?

 Where I can find some exmaples or clear discription? I barely can find some material about the subject.

 Thank you all!