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OM13092 LPCXpresso54608 Out of box Demo

Discussion created by Richard Lai on Apr 23, 2018
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Does anyone know where can I download the source/binary of the out-of-box demo ("Draupner" I believe)? I recently purchased this dev kit (OM13092 - LPCXpresso54608), which has this particular demo preloaded. which is also the one showcase on the official get started guide and video. However, I am not able to find the source/binary of this demo.


There seems to have another newer(?) demo for this board called Sprinkler, which binary and source are available on I have trouble compiling this demo though, which after following instructions in "TouchGFX NXP LPC54608 Board Support Package - Installation V1.5" pdf, I get the following error message:


make: *** No rule to make target `C:/nxp/TouchGFX_NPX_LPC54608_BSP/touchgfx/os/FreeRTOS8.2.0/OSWrappers.cpp', needed by `TouchGFXPort/OS/OSWrappers.o'.  Stop.


The BSP I downloaded from the link simply does not contain OSWrappers.cpp file. I don't know whether is the installation document or BSP not updated. The SDK version I generated and downloaded from "MCUXpresso SDK Builder" is 2.3.1, and software components I have selected are: CMSIS DSP Library, USB stack, lwIP, FreeRTOS.


May be the Sprinkler BSP is no longer supported with the latest SDK version, or latest SDK has broken the demo source. I have no idea where to get/generate older version of SDK for LPCExpresso54608. This is my first time using NXP platform.