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__MWERKS__ vs __CWCC__ compiler defines for AUTOSAR MCAL 4.2 package integration

Question asked by Jeana Talle on Apr 23, 2018


I am trying to integrate MCAL 4.2 AUTOSAR for MPC5748G into my software using S32DS PowerPC compiler with the ff. compiler defines in the lint options below.


But the CompilerDefinitions.h in AUTOSAR 4.2 MCAL package is only limited to the compiler defines definition __MWERKS__ (See below image)

And according to another thread I found here, it says that __MWERKS__ compiler define is already deprecated and replaced with __CWCC__.


I am using S32DS for Power Architecture 2017.R1 although I am not certain because I don't know where to find it in the <installfiles>/S32DS


Regardless, how do you think I can proceed with integration of MCAL AUTOSAR 4.2 package with the S32DS for PPC compiler?