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DTCM ITCM OCRAM and scatter file on IMX RT1052

Question asked by David Rozenski on Apr 21, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2018 by igorpadykov

Dear All,


I would like to configure at the beginning of my software ITCM 8 Pages, DTCMM 6 pages and OCRAM 2 Pages, so I called the function : FLEXRAM_AllocateRam(&ramAllocate); which is the part of fsl_flexram.c. I defined in the scatter file .scf of KEIL the corresponding regions used :


#define mram_start 0x00000000 // ITCM definition
#define mram_size 0x00040000

#define mram_start1 0x20000000 // DTCM definition
#define mram_size1 0x00030000

#define mram_start2 0x20200000 // OCRAM definition
#define mram_size2 0x00010000


RW_RAM (mram_start) (mram_size ) ;



RW_RAM1 (mram_start1) (mram_size1) ;

     .ANY (+RW +ZI)


in some unit I declared:


volatile uint8_t MyArray[0x30000] __attribute__((section("LONGBUFFER"))) __attribute__ ((aligned(64)));


during linking I got the following message :


MIMXRT1052xxxxx_flexspi_nor_xip_scf(125): warning: L6329W: Pattern *(LONGBUFFER) only matches removed unused sections.


So this is normal since the bank memory definitions (ITCM,DTCM,OCRAM) is done when software started, so how to tell the linker the memory will be usable later ?


Or maybe I missed somethings ?