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MBD ToolBox : DataMemRead / DataMemWrite on flash

Question asked by adrien pol on Apr 20, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2018 by Constantin Razvan Chivu



I would like to store some data on the flash of my MPC5744p, and to be able to keep them after a reset.


I follow advises from this post : How to manage the memory using the simulink?  (method 2)


I modified "MPC5744P_FLASH.ld" :

    word                :           org = 0x00FA0000, len = 0x0000001F
    int_flash           :           org = 0x00FA0020, len = 0x0020DFE0
    m_dflash            :           org = 0x011AE000, len = 0x00050000  
    vector_table        :           org = 0x011FE000, len = 0x00001000
    exception_handlers  :           org = 0x011FF000, len = 0x00001000
    int_sram            :           org = 0x40000000, len = 0x0005F800
    stack_ram           :           org = 0x4005F800, len = 0x00000800
    local_sram          :           org = 0x50800000, len = 0x00010000

    .dflash : { KEEP (*(.dflash)) } > m_dflash  /* place .dflash section into dflsah memory*/




Point on it in the Matlab configuration, and checked modification in the generated ".map"


In Simulink I have a DataMemRead and a DataMemWrite block with this configuration :



To test, I configure the Write box to write the data from a CAN Signal, on trigger. And I read it on a second CAN signal. 

I generate the ".elf" with Simulink, and use S32 Design Studio to flash on the board.

It works until this point.


But I can't view my data on the "Memory" View of S32 :


And after a reset my read data is always "0xFF".


If someone has a clue...