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MPC5748G SPI_2 pin configuration in Master MODE

Question asked by Zubair Ahmed on Apr 20, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2018 by Zubair Ahmed

Hi all, 

         I have took this table from excel sheet of MPC5748G "Input Muxing" sheet. In this table I can see that SPI_2 will work as input as disable low if IMCR[306]=0;

work as input as PG[14] if IMCR[306]=1;

while I am  confused for the case of PP[15]. because for this there is no IMCR register value there in the table. 


Note: 306 value is merged only for upper two configuration, its confusing for me. 



Also, I am working on SPI_2 in master mode but its not working, I am using only PORT P based SPI. 

PP[14]--->Clock configured as output with SSS value 1.

PP[13]--->Dout pin configured as output with SSS value 1

PP[15]---> SIN pin configured as input with SSS value 2 while IMCR[306] and SSS 2 as per above table.

Note: I have tried this pin in both ways without writing anything in IMCR register.

PP[12]--->SC_0--->configured as output with SSS value 1.



Please do let me know If I have done anything wrong to configure SPI_2 as Master mode.Martin KovarPeter Vlna