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S32SDK without ProcessorExpert

Question asked by Maksim Salau on Apr 20, 2018
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Is it possible to use the SDK without ProcessorExpert?


As far as I can see, portions of SDK defined in PE are copied into the project during generation. Can I bypass this somehow and use the SDK directly?


Ideally I want to make a project with a hand-crafted makefile that can be built unattended with a bare toolchain (without IDE or PE) on a Linux machine (e.g. a CI job).


The only option I can see for now is to copy the whole SDK into my project manually. Are there any limitation that can prevent me from doing this? Seems license comments don't put any restrictions about such usage scenarios. I do understand that there will be no automatic updates, but this is not an issue, since SDK updates should not happen implicitly to my mind.