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Where can I get BSDL-like information for the "SDMA" and "DAP_A9" units in the i.MX6Quad?

Question asked by Adam Ley on Apr 19, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2018 by Adam Ley

Figure 56-2 in "IMX6DQRM" shows SJC, SDMA and DAP_A9 units in the MOD=0 chain, as follows

IMX6DQRM (Rev. 4, 09/2017) Figure 56-2. SJC Mode Selection Using MOD Pin Sampling

Note that DAP_M4 also appears, but I presume this is spurious and i.MX6Q does not have a Cortex-M4 core as far as I know ...


The BSDL for the SJC has been discussed and linked elsewhere in these communities, but where MOD=0 operation is desired in conventional boundary-scan tool kits, BSDL for SDMA and DAP_A9 are also required.


I can "dummy" such up myself from educated guesses that I can make, but I'd much rather have an authoritative source from the vendor.




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