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U-Boot-1.3.4 boot flash base problem

Discussion created by musa wang on Oct 28, 2008
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Hi, when I make bootloader  for my mcf5474 board using u-boot-1.3.4,I met a problem:
I just do not change anything and follow the instruction , I can compile u-boot.bin and I downlaod to the board flash(base address is 0xfe000000), and it can work,the serial console has output and can execute my command like "md","printenv".
But, as you know, in the config file(M5475EVB.h) the base address of the flash defalt is 0xff800000,why,the baseaddress is different and I down load to 0xfe000000 using CF-Flasher,and it works well.
now , I change the base address of the flash to 0xfe000000,and only change this, when I down to the board , however, it doesn't work, the console has no output!
what's the matter, Why this happened , Can anybody here give me some advise?
Thank you very much! 

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