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S21K144 sameple CAN driver can not work

Question asked by Julie Liu on Apr 19, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2018 by Alexandru Nan


I am nowing work on S32K144 EVB board and trying to make CAN commnication.

First I tried SDK sample project as the first line in the picture.


But it's does not work so I intergrate UJA1169 SBC driver and call the following code before CAN init.
void SBCInit(void)
    LPSPI_DRV_MasterInit(LPSPICOM1, &lpspiCom1State, &lpspiCom1_MasterConfig0);


    /* Initialize SBC */
    SBC_Init(&sbc_uja11691_InitConfig0, LPSPICOM1);

But it still can not work.


so dones anyone know how to fix the issue or provide some sample code or solution for me.


Thanks in advance.