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'Max board LPC845' configuration tools & documentation

Question asked by Luis Martinez on Apr 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2018 by Luis Martinez

Hi friends,

Note: Not sure if this question is well locate here it could be better in other place (configuring tools for instance), please feel free to relocate if better.


Easy questions for the engineers,...

- How you configure pinout & uses of LPC845 MCU ?,... I not seem any tool for it,... there are some document, manual, how-to, libraries to help on this ? (hard issue, very time consuming, for me).

- There are some manual or doc or 'app note' where is cited the C code especial 'sentences', 'funtions',.. to program LPC845? (hope it apply in general for near all NXP MCUs and others).

- Last (not least), there is some document or recommended book, 'well explained', where appear what is what in the MCUs' programming process (headers for instance,...), what can be configure, what not, what is automatic,... etc.


I know this MCUs has not all tool as its big brothers,... but this mean you need to do all manually by yourself?

I found these small MCUs very interesting for evaluation and small utilities but after Googling a lot I still as at the beginning.


Many thanks your focus, ideas, experiences,...

Best Regards