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Regarding Audio Amplifier TFA9872

Question asked by D K on Apr 19, 2018

I am DK from HARMAN connected Services and we are working on a Project where we are planning to use the Speaker Amplifier from TFA9872.

We need some quick technical support here,


Issue: Our SoC -ARTIK530S has I2S and BT/PCM interface, which need to be connected to Speaker Amplifier, we need to use 2x8 W Speaker and selected Speaker Amplifier TFA9872 accordingly.

But almost all Speaker Amplifier in this range has only I2S Interface and No BT-PCM Interface. We have a requirement of playing Music from Bluetooth device also and For that we are facing issue. Normally in most of the SoC, the BT-PCM interface is internally connected to I2S and from SoC only one I2S interface comes out which is connected to Speaker Amplifier or Audio codec. In our Case, BT-PCM and I2S lines are coming out and either we need to put some bridge IC or some Amplifier which will support both the i2S and BT-PCM interface.


Could you please suggest some solution, we are in Schematics phase and need to close this on priority.


Can you guide some solution with this problem, either if we can switch/connect the BT PCM to I2S or some other solution. We will really appreciate you support.