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PN7150: NxpNci_HostTransceive fails for RF conf

Question asked by Arnout Diels on Apr 18, 2018
Latest reply on May 16, 2018 by IvanRuiz



We are running into a strange issue with the PN7150.

We are using the NXP-NCI LPC824X example on an OM5578 kit. 

This used to work fine, until at some point, the initialization started failing.  at this point:




Inside of NxpNci_ConfigureSettings, the RF config transaction seems to return something the code does not expect. The result is on the console "Error: cannot configure NXPNCI settings".


Strangely enough, if I modify the code to ignore the error, everything still works. (It can scan and write to RFID tags).


Is this a known issue? Is there anything to make up from the returned data?


Thanks in advance for your reply!


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