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CodeWarrior for ARMv8 to Debug U-boot

Question asked by Carl Jones on Apr 18, 2018



We loaded the qspi uboot.elf generated by flex-builder for ls1088ardb to CodeWarrior for ARMv8. However, upon debugging, we encounter the error as shown below. What could be the cause of this error? Thanks!

Uboot Debug Error


Setup Details:

Board: LS1088ARDB

CodeWarrior Warrior Development Studio for QorIQ LS Series - ARM V8 ISA: Version 11.3.0

Host: Ubuntu 16.04



LSDK Rev.18.03

AN5347 Building U-Boot in CodeWarrior ARMv8

CWARMv8TM ... Targeting Manual

Use CodeWarrior for ARMv8 to Debug U-boot and Linux Kernel and Bring up Bare Boards by Yiping Wang