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how to add custom wifi driver in android Oreo

Question asked by susangrace rapaka on Apr 18, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2018 by Diego Adrian Cuevas

Hi ,

I am working on Android Oreo build, on i.Mx6 SabreSD platform.

I am using Custom wifi driver/module.

driver .ko's got inserted. While I am trying to ON wifi from GUI, I am getting the following error. Please someone help me.

Failed to initialize legacy hal function table
I found that the wifi legacy initialization is by default going to bcmdhd.
I have modified BOARD_WLAN_DEVICE = bcmdhd to customer vendor in file
wifi_error status = init_wifi_vendor_hal_func_table(&global_func_table_);330  if (status != WIFI_SUCCESS) {331    LOG(ERROR) << "Failed to initialize legacy hal function table";332  }

How to add custom vendor_hal_func_table ?