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Enabling MPC8360 ENET3 interface

Question asked by Kiran Kumar Tankala on Apr 18, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2018 by Pavel Chubakov

We have designed a board based on MPC8360. In this board, we are using four Ethernets: ENET1, ENET2, ENET3 and ENET6. ENET1 and ENET2 are configured for GIG interface while ENET3 and ENET6 are used for 100Mbps (Fast Ethernet mode) using RMII interface. The PHY being used on the ENET3 interface is KSZ8031RNL from Micrel. The Gig interfaces are up using the dtb attached. How do we enable ENET3 and ENET6 in 100Mbps? I modified the dtb for ENET3 alone but it was not coming up!!!!