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i.MX 6 DL, IPU LUT manipulation issue

Question asked by e demircan on Apr 17, 2018
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I've been struggling with an 8 bits coded pixel conversion issue for a while. I want to learn if I can manipulate the IPU Look-up Table mentioned in Ref Man


There is a reference to a Memory Access Unit that said to be used to access LUT as well as other IPU map regions such as CPMEM ( Ref Man . It is said that, "memory mapped or not" all mentioned regions can be accessed with possible limitations.


I have come up with a pair of imx53 registers ( IPU_IMA_DATA and IPU_IMA_ADDR ) used for manipulating IPU memory. However, on the imx6 side there is nothing mentioned about neither a LUT start offset in the IPU map nor a register to manipulate it. There is only a memory reset register (IPU_MEM_RST) which succeeds to zeroize memory regions.


My MMI software includes all visual components in 8 bits color coded format and a palette exists for it. I have succeeded to run an INTERLEAVED_LUT display setup with some cpmem manipulations on the IDMAC side. The problem for now seems to be the correct mapping for the next step.


Any help appreciated, regards.


Emrah Demircan.


Setup details:

Custom board with imx6 ( MCIMX6U6AVM08AC ), VxWorks 6.9, 800*480 Varitronix LVDS screen.