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Latest kernel for T2080RDB that includes the SDK DPAA driver

Question asked by Jacob Moroni on Apr 17, 2018
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Can anyone tell me where to find the latest kernel for the T2080RDB that includes the SDK version of the DPAA driver?


Is the T2080 even actively maintained anymore?


I was able to boot the latest vanilla mainline kernel (4.16.1), but this kernel only includes the mainline version of the DPAA driver, which lacks many features compared to the SDK version (in particular, I need HW time stamping support).


The official QorIQ SDK 2.0 is still on kernel version 4.1, which is almost three years old now.


I saw another recent thread where someone asked a similar question, and someone responded with "QorIQ Yocto SDK 1712", but this does not support the T2080.


I've tried to run the 4.14 kernel from the qoriq-open-source Github, but there are some issues with the T2080RDB device tree in there (missing properties for the bman portal nodes). I've tried to fix the issues, but I still wasn't able to get the Ethernet interfaces to enumerate.


It's hard to determine where current development is actually taking place for these platforms. There are multiple different Git repos which all seem to be related, but some appear to be dead and/or moved.

It's my understanding that there are two versions of the SDK (community and official).


Where are the current repos for both versions located?



Jake Moroni